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Thomas Minieri | CEO Minieri & Company

Thomas Minieri is an American entrepreneur, innovator and artist. He founded his first company at the age of 25 with only $30 to his name. Within three years his company surpassed half a million dollars in annual revenue and within six years he was inducted into the Young Entrepreneur Council after his company surpassed the $1 million dollar in annual revenue benchmark. 

Thomas largely attributes his success to his creative and innovative approach to marketing and technology. He is the founder and CEO of Minieri & Company, a boutique digital marketing agency with an angel investment division. In additional to marketing and technology, Thomas is a franchising expert and serves on the board of directors for a startup franchise system.

Thomas is  native of New York and has lived in Maine and Boston. Today, he lives in Charlotte with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter, Abigail. Thomas is a Forbes contributing author and has also been featured in Business2Community, Inc, Mashable, Readwrite and more.

Promoter of Entrepreneurship

In 2015, Thomas Minieri was inducted into the Young Entrepreneur Council after his company exceeded $1 million in annual revenues several years in a row. The $1 million in annual revenue benchmark is a standard for success for entrepreneurs of all ages and industries. Connect with Thomas if you need help or guidance boosting your company to new heights or click below for more info on the YEC.


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