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In 2005, entrepreneur and visionary couple, Thomas & Elizabeth Minieri, created a magical dance company that found a creative and unique way to share its passion for dance and art with the world. The Minieri's developed amazing and highly effective marketing concepts that became the foundation for Minieri & Company. In 2014, the Minieri's sold their successful dance company but maintained licensing rights to the Planet Ballroom® brand for a few years thereafter. As a creative work and means to give back to the dance community, the Minieri's keep Planet Ballroom® alive as a free online source for dancing. Today, Planet Ballroom® is the world's largest source for FREE online Latin & Ballroom dance training for professionals and amateurs. Enjoy and happy dancing!

Our Roots

The Planet Ballroom® brand and the exceptional digital and content marketing system that was built for it was the contributing factor that launched Minieri & Company into the successful marketing agency it is today. Partnering with this brand allowed us to demonstrate our unique ability to create a national brand from scratch by developing highly creative marketing elements and concepts in a wide range of mediums. We created unique photography, video productions, graphic design elements, sales presentations, brand related artwork, online and print advertisements, and business system components. All of our work was highly effective, resonated with customers and employees, and created a positive return on investment for the company in very short period of time.

Digital Marketing and Technology

In addition to exceling at media creation, Minieri & Company successfully managed Planet Ballroom® digital marketing campaigns, including advanced sales funnels, lead capture systems, call center operations, and sales scripts. Minieri & Company also built national paid advertisement campaigns for search platforms and social networks for the Planet Ballroom® system, and providing ongoing account management of these campaigns. The predecessor of our BOOST™ marketing management system originated with Planet Ballroom in 2011 and was called Ballroom Boost.

Advanced Design, Brand Concepts and Media

Below are a variety of samples that Minieri & Company created for the national brand Planet Ballroom® between 2008 and 2017. Included are beautiful, highly creative event posters, brand posters, sale presentations, and original artwork.

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In 2015, Thomas Minieri was inducted into the Young Entrepreneur Council after his company exceeded $1 million in annual revenues several years in a row. The $1 million in annual revenue benchmark is a standard for success for entrepreneurs of all ages and industries. Connect with Thomas if you need help or guidance boosting your company to new heights or click below for more info on the YEC.


Check out this great video shot by Minieri & Company video team! Inspiration, Energy & Glamour® comes to life on the dance floor with this rockin' dance brand, Planet Ballroom®!


Planet Ballroom® celebrity spokesmodel Elizabeth Minieri lights up the dance floor with her final encore performance!


Elizabeth Minieri captivates audiences with her on-air personality. This sample video shows her in action hosting a live feed of a Planet Ballroom® grand opening.


In this cool behind-the-scenes video, we demonstrate how we brought the Planet Ballroom logo to life by directing and choreographing dancers to act out the logo silhouette!


In 2017, Thomas Minieri revised the Planet Ballroom logo and brand for a new project and concept idea. This awesome animation was created as a marketing piece to demonstrate his vision!